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Corey J. Corbin. Looking for No. 7.

Raise your hand if you’d rather win the Super Bowl.

OK, now raise your hand if you’d rather win a televised dancing competition.

I’m guessing that most of you raised your hand when I mentioned the Super Bowl and I don’t blame you.

I’d rather win the Super Bowl, too, but winning the “Dancing with the Stars” isn’t such a bad thing.

It’s better than not winning, either - just ask Steelers’ wide receiver Hines Ward.

Ward won the DWTS’ 12th season competition with partner Kym Johnson Tuesday evening after posting a 89 out of 90 in the finals against eventual runner-up Kirstie Alley and thirdplace finisher Chelsea Kane.

I’m not a big fan of ‘reality’ or competition shows like “American Idol,” “Jersey Shore,” “The Biggest Loser” or even “Dancing with the Stars,” but this year I came to appreciate “Dancing with the Stars”  while tuning in to watch Hines dance.

You can’t tell me that dancing like that isn’t an athletic venture.

There’s no way you can do some of those lifts if you don’t have some sort of athleticism. The footwork on some of those dances are similar to what you need when you’re trying to get both feet inbounds after pulling in a pass near the sideline. I’ve heard all kinds of stories about coaches mandating their players take tap and ballet classes to improve their footwork.

Back to Hines, I think he made himself a ton of endorsement money and a ton of fans by performing on the show.

We Steeler fans know Hines and appreciate him for what he is and has been to the Steelers, but he’s had a bad reputation out there for his play on the field.

Many opposing players and fans believe Ward is a dirty player- he’s been at or near the top of various ‘dirty’ player polls for most of his career - but I think he changed many people’s opinion of him this year by flashing that trademark smile on numerous occasions over the past couple of months.

But it was his emotion in the semifinals that won my wife over and probably many other viewers when he got emotional after Johnson came back from suffering a scary neck injury May 13 during dance practice.

Three days after the accident, Ward got teary eyed when recounting for the viewing audience how he accidentally fell on Johnson as they attempted to do a lift.

By coming back from that freakish injury, Johnson showed that while she’s not overly intimidating stature wise, she was the perfect match for Ward, who has always played with a huge heart and overcame so many obstacles to put up a Hall of Fall career.

Congrats Hines, you deserved the Mirror Ball Trophy.

- If I was a professional sports franchise executive, I’d write a social media clause into my employees’ contracts - that goes from janitors to the players to the CEO - because all social media seems to be doing any more is cause unwanted negative media attention.

We’ve seen it way to often some knucklehead professional athlete stupidly mouths off on Twitter or the trendy version of the second and gets himself into the news then eventually tries to retract the statement and looks even worse.

It’s just time for them to stop using the likes of Twitter, Facebook or Myspace. All the negative exposure casts its shadow over the franchise itself.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have gotten all the negative attention they could ever possibly want a month ago when running back Rashard Mendenhall spouted off about Osama bin Laden’s death and 9/11.

Then, earlier this week, linebacker James Harrison called the Rooney family as well as the rest of the NFL owners and rule makers ‘idiots’ by instituting new tackling protocols.

New Orleans Saints’ running back Reggie Bush and Pirates’ minor league prospect Tony Sanchez have also been in the news recently because of idiotic tweets.

At least, the Pirates did the right thing and pretty much banned Sanchez and others like him from using social media.

Now if the Steelers can follow suit, we won’t have any idiots tweeting about idiots.

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