LAST SATURDAY AS I SAT in Slippery Rock boys basketball coach Sean Strickland’s office following the Rockets’ thrashing of visiting Cambridge Springs, our conversation drifted away from boys basketball completely.

Instead, the conversation centered around Sheena Aden, Julie Molloy and Jence Rhoads.

What’s a high school boys basketball coach talking with a reporter about three college women’s basketball players for?

Quite frankly, injuries.

All three former local high school hoops standouts have been bit by the injury bug in the 2007-08 season.

Aden has stress fractures in both feet, Molloy has been experiencing a multitude of ‘nagging’ injuries and Rhoads has a stress fracture as well.

I know the trio of local high school standouts never really took a break during their high school careers. All three played another sport in the fall and dedicated their time in the spring and summer to AAU hoops.

All of which leads me to wonder if maybe they need to take a break this spring and/or summer. I’m not advocating taking the entire season off, but maybe a week here or a couple days there.

It’s all well and good to be hungry and dedicated to your sport, but the human body isn’t made to take the constant pounding.

Even grown men — like NBA players who also comprise the USA national team — see their bodies break down after two full NBA seasons sandwiched around national team activities in the summer.

A wise man recently said on a local sports message board ‘There is a pretty good reason for the edict of resting on the seventh day. The body needs it.’

I’m not singling out Aden, Molloy and Rhoads for anything negative they did. Rather, I want to see them succeed in all their future endeavors on the hardwood — and in the ‘real world.’ To accomplish that, they may need to learn to take a breather here and there.

Their bodies will thank them for it.

? Looking back, it doesn’t surprise me one bit Roger Clemens has been accused of using performance enhancing drugs.

The man is in his 40s and pitching as well as he did — if not better — than he did in his prime.

Yeah, he didn’t bulk up like Barry B*nds did, but a lot of that has to do with the fact that the Rocket was already fairly husky to begin with.

The sad thing is he, like B*nds, was a shoo-in for the hall of fame. Now, I’m not so certain.

In fact, I’d bet he won’t pitch in the majors again and likely will join B*nds, Pete Rose, Shoeless Joe Jackson and Mark McGwire on the outside looking in.

Corey J. Corbin is the Sports Editor for Allied News. He can be reached at

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