MY WIFE DAWN IS not a Steelers fan. Not even close. She couldn’t tell you the difference between Ben Roethlisberger and Cleveland Cavaliers forward Ben Wallace.

But even she knew who Myron Cope is. If you live in Western Pennsylvania, how could you not?

The diminutive scribe/broadcaster became even more famous than many of the men he was covering in Black and Gold Country.

When I saw that he died Wednesday morning, I was immediately saddened at the loss of an icon. I might have even cried in my Terrible Towel if I wasn’t afraid of having my man card revoked for being too girly.

Yoi and Double Yoi!

While Dawn and I were talking about him, she asked me if Myron was the reason I got into this business.

My reply was a simple ‘No,’ but he was the reason that I put the TV on mute for at least 16 Sundays each fall.

You either loved Myron’s on-air flamboyance or you downright loathed him. Count me as one of the many that loved him.

But because of his flair for broadcasting Steelers games, I began to enjoy listening to the Steelers games on the radio more so than listening to the so-called experts on national TV.

Myron Cope, Bill Hillgrove, Tunch Ilkin and Craig Wolfley are around the team virtually every day between late July and whenever the season ends, so who better to listen to than them.

Since Myron’s retirement from the broadcast booth several years ago, I have missed his screechy voice, his stories and his catchphrases.

Hopefully, St. Peter will have an ‘okle dokle’ time waving the Terrible Towel with Myron in the Black and Gold Nation in the sky until the rest of us ‘yinzers’ join them there.

Corey J. Corbin is the Sports Editor for Allied News. He can be reached at

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