Keep your eyes on executive orders

Rol Curry, Jr.


 Today, Americans have some of the world’s best fishing. However, Donald Trump used another executive order to eliminate marine sanctuaries off the U.S. coastlines and way out to sea.

Trump supporters with nets as long as 25 miles can decimate the fisheries. So many family seafood businesses will fail as the future growth of marine sanctuaries is destroyed.

Alabama fishermen remember the collapse of their fisheries under President Bush without limits on the seafood catch. At one time, the unlimited plunder of the northern fisheries of Eastern Canada and New England yielded up to 300 million tons of cod, halibut, tuna, etc. 

Thanks to harvesting without concern about future stocks, the catch was so small that thousands of jobs disappeared.

Lots of vibrant fishing communities ceased to function unless they could be like Cannery Row in Monterey, Calif. or small ports along both coasts that have a bit of tourism. However, that pales in comparison to past paychecks.

Concerned groups such as Fish America Foundation work hard to prolong good fishing and clean water as they conserve marine life for us all as Trump and his EPA administrator Scott Pruitt and Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke try to aid their friends or themselves. America, look out.

By the time these three and the rest of the gang get through fleecing America, Ralph Nader’s post-election prediction that Trump and his Cabinet will be the most corrupt and self serving of any group in American history will be reality.  

Each executive order seems to enrich Trump, his friends and/or his family.