Bud McKelvey


The only sensible campaign promise Trump made was when he promised to rein in drug prices.

Who is he trying to kid? Trump's proposals on lowering drug prices can't work and will not work. He wants to make foreign countries to allow drug companies to charge whatever they want and in his mind U.S. drug companies will then lower prices in the United States.

This does't make sense; all this means is that there will be more profits for U.S. drug companies after Trump introduced this ridiculous plan, stock prices rose for U.S. pharmaceutical companies. Gee, isn't that a surprise?

Big Pharma in America spends more on advertising than it does on research. They also spend hundreds of millions of dollars lobbying tghe government. Last year their lobbying tab was $172 million. That's more than oil and gas, insurance and other American industries. They spend so much on politics just so they can avoid price controls. Big Pharma fought for and got a law prohibiting the government from using its bargaining clout under Medicare and Medicaid to negotiate lower drug prices. Other nations who don't have an oligarchy type of government like ours routinely negotiate lower drug prices for their people.

The U.S. will never get lower drug prices because our senators and representatives are owned by Big Pharma. Big Pharma has also blocked Americans from getting low-cost prescription drugs from Canada. Their ridiculous argument is that Americans can't rely on the safety of drugs coming from our northern neighbor. Canada's standards on drugs are just as high or higher than ours.

But our Congress went along with their campaign contributors and helped Big Pharma put the screws to the Americans who need relief on prices of prescriptions. Trump's new plan along with Trumpcare doesn't change the way Big Pharma or the health care industry do business and their business is to become richer and to make Americans pay for it. Write your congressperson and demand some action on drug prices.

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