Karl E. Sparn, Jr.

Slippery Rock

"Nobody needs an assault rifle!" Well, you are entirely wrong! The need is: forever and ever! ...but [assault rifles] only need to be labeled, and only need to be activated [as weapons] when the enemy arrives. For other than those unique moments and necessity—those firearms remain sporting, target, and collectable inanimate hardware items for one's own enjoyment and pleasure. Prior to 1936 machine guns could be purchased by anyone, of any age—through-the-mail. Semi-auto technology was introduced during the Civil War, and in 1915, John Thompson developed a modern sub-machine gun to be used in WWI. Various competitors and assorted machinists had their own ideas. 1936 brought the end to wholesale ownership and purchase of fully-automatic firearms with the federal Firearms Act, which is very-much enforced on a daily basis. Stocks and cosmetic alterations of semi-auto rifles and shotguns only change their appearances; they have no affect on the mechanics. Lipstick on a pig only incites admiration or repugnance. The same goes for one's personal choice of the helve.

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