Teacher’s advice works for adults

Mary E. Crane

Grove City

I know of a first grade teacher who frequently kept “issues” in the classroom from becoming “contentions” by using the phrase, “Take care of yourself.”

Simple. Advice even a young child can understand. Beautiful.

Two Grove City School Board directors recently had a day in court.

The charge of harassment was brought. The defendant was found guilty, but the whole story was not told.

Any story can sound different when details are omitted or taken out of context. Information can be incomplete. This can make the information misleading.

What do you think about an adult who takes it upon themself to take without asking something which belongs to another person, and then refuse to give it back?

There are laws regarding this type of action. At church we would call it “stealing.” In the community the police would call it “theft.” What do you call it?

In the instance of the two board directors the entire incident and summary court hearing could have been avoided if the advice of the first grade teacher was followed.

“Take care of yourself.” Think about it.

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