Jane McKnight

Pine Township

Senator Corker, I had hoped that you would have the intestinal fortitude to oppose a tax bill that increased the national debt. Reading that you have caved on this is disheartening. The tax bill is not a reform. It is a way for Republicans to pay their donors and keep their funding. For you, what is it that you get?

Secretary of State? The presidency? Keep those donors happy and your career funded. In typical Republican style, you have sold out the middle and working class and your actions are dire. The increased national debt will push us to a financial crisis. Results will be that there will be no funding for infrastructure and jobs, or worse, you will increase spending for infrastructure. Who will pay for this? The middle and working class in the United States pay the freight. The weight of the debt will bring higher taxes and a total wipe out of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid to rescue the country from bankruptcy. Thank you so much for a tax cut, not reform, that will eventually, totally crush the middle and working class. To avoid any backlash from the middle and working class, you are gerrymandering voting districts, using Citizens United, to establish and fund PACs, burying any citizens groups who might oppose you in a blizzard of money, to hold one-party control of the government, and ignore those who pay the bills. Gotta love the Republican party!