Governor made right call on abortion bill

John Greenlee

Sandy Lake

Kudos to Governor Wolfe for vetoing the latest attempt by state Republicans to force women and their physicians to make decisions according to what the lawmakers’ religion believes is right. I am referring to the latest push to restrict women’s right to abortion.

These Republicans are bent on enacting laws based on religious ideology rather than common sense and science. Recently they also wanted to allow public schools to display the Ten Commandments in contradiction to separation of church and state laws.

Are these legislators unenlightened or just twisted in their views of what it means to have a free country which respects all of its citizens’ rights to believe as they choose?

Regarding abortion rights, they present the most graphic extreme pictures of the procedure and have even been caught falsifying them as well as presenting false information to promote their agenda. At the same time, they cut programs to help those who are already born and advocate capital punishment.

As a non-party affiliated voter, I can’t help but see the Republicans as they exist today as out of touch with reality and not representing the majority of moral educated citizens.

Our governor has fortunately been setting a great example standing up to current state and federal powers whose aim seems to be turning our nation backwards toward intolerance and denial of reason.