One stray can lead to dozens of cats

Debbie Shaulis


This cautionary tale was written by a man who failed to get a stray cat fixed.

He was asked to write the letter after his wife expressed regrets that they did not spay that first kitten.

They thought they were doing the right thing and in the end found out it was not the right thing.

Though he says that he had to find a place for 40 cats to go after nine years and that they have now found homes, the rescuer who helped him has transported approximately 60 cats to shelters outside of Mercer County over the last couple of months.

That was not all of the cats that followed that initial kitten; some disappeared after they were let outside.

I have chosen to type the letter exactly as he has written it.

The important message here is how quickly one stray cat left intact can turn into dozens of cats. If you have a stray and can’t find an owner, you must take it to a shelter or rescue group or at least get it spayed or neutered.

If you let it stay, it is yours.

• • •

To whom it may concern from a little town in Mercer [County, Pa.]

Nine years ago a little kitten showed up at our house. It was winter and cold, snowy, so we got it to come in after a couple of days and kept her in till she was about a year old.

But we never got her fixed. She would stay in but also go out. Not too long she had one baby and then 6 months she had two, six months she had four.

This went on for nine years plus her babies had babies. We kept all but never got them fixed. I retired and could not afford to have any fixed and it was getting hard to feed and buy litter for them. So we tried to find homes for 40 cats, not counting ours that were fixed.

All places were filled with cats and would not take them. Then we found Pet Solutions and were able to find homes for all except our 12. If you find a stray and some cat that is not fixed, get it fixed.- John

Don’t be fooled by another tax fairy tale

Roland O. Curry, Jr.


The story being repeated again by the Republicans in Congress indicates a giant tax break for the middle class.

Just like the “trickle down” tax plans under Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, G.W. Bush and now under exaggerating D.J. Trump, the bulk of tax breaks go to the corporations and wealthy who don’t need it. It’s estimated the 424 richest American families will save an average of $20 million each while the middle class may save $1,200 each.

Under the previous humongous tax cuts, wages didn’t budge unless you were an executive who also benefitted from the numerous corporate stock buybacks.

There are nearly 4,000 lobbyists pushing to keep tax avoidance loopholes in addition to tax cuts for the greediest -– not the neediest.

Elizabeth Warren recently noted on national television how bad the stench in the Republican tax fiasco is. She stated that a real middle class tax gift would be to give every American family earning $200,000 or less $17,000 instead of benefitting corporations and the wealthy who don’t need it.

So $17,000 vs. a post card tax return?

Take the money and grow the economy – let the rich try using a post card! Don’t be fooled by another tax fairy tale.

And Trumpsters should know that our corporations will rush to take advantage of the proposed 10 percent corporate tax on off-shore profits instead of paying the proposed tax rate of 20-25 percent in the States.

FGM needs to be criminalized here now

Elizabeth Yore

As the head of the national initiative EndFGMToday, I am writing to urge your readers to contact state Rep. Ron Marsico, chairman of the PA House Judiciary Committee to hold a hearing on HB 413, a bill that criminalizes the brutal practice of female genital mutilation (FGM). Shockingly, this bill has languished in committee while little girls are subjected to this barbaric practice.

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that over 513,000 women and girls are at risk of FGM in the U.S. and between 10,000 and 25,000 girls are at risk in Pennsylvania alone. To delay a hearing and a vote on this important legislation puts innocent and unsuspecting children at a lifetime risk of ongoing physical and emotional pain.

The World Health Organization and the United Nations recognize that female genital mutilation is a violation of human rights.

Vulnerable girls in Pennsylvania deserve the full protection of the law from this hideous assault; tell your representatives that FGM will not be tolerated in the Keystone State.

At least 26 states have criminalized FGM, with Michigan at the center of a federal indictment involving a doctor who allegedly performed this brutal procedure on several little girls.

It’s time for Pennsylvania’s lawmakers to move quickly and decisively so that no little girl has to suffer this unimaginable abuse. Contact Rep. Marsico and the Judiciary Committee to call for a hearing on HB 413 — before it’s too late.

CPAs weigh in on tax reform

Joseph Seibert

Members of the Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs Members of the Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs encourage tax reformers in Congress to address the compliance hurdles, administrative complexity, and IRS enforcement challenges that are primary shortcomings in need of change.

Annual tax fixes and adjustments have made it challenging for entrepreneurs to strategically grow their businesses.

The yearly extender bills and add-ons make it difficult for taxpayers to manage their tax obligations, which affects the ability to hire and expand. America’s entrepreneurs need a tax code that is simple, transparent, and certain.New tax legislation should provide a clear definition of taxable income, simple and transparent tax rate schedules, and the elimination of additional surtaxes.

Taxpayers should understand their tax obligation and be able to plan accordingly.

Pennsylvania CPAs believe in coherent tax rules, as outlined in the PICPA’s “Guiding Principles of Good Tax Policy.”

These principles include equity and fairness, effective administration, and simplicity. This framework can help policymakers analyze tax proposals, and has been shared with all members of the Pennsylvania delegation to Congress.

Joseph E. Seibert is PICPA president.