A lot of energy about mileage standards

Bruce Cooper

Slippery Rock

In the last few days, the EPA and Department of Transportation have held public hearings, including in Pittsburgh on Sept. 26, regarding a proposal to ‘freeze’ miles-per-gallon standards on automobiles and light truck, set during the Obama administration, at 2021 levels.

While the automotive industry says the standards beyond that year would be difficult to meet because the public has chosen to purchase SUVs and trucks rather than autos, environmental groups insist that the higher standards are necessary to curtail emissions.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby has a simple, market-driven solution: “put a price on carbon” through the use of Carbon Fee and Dividend legislation that places an increasing fee on fossil fuel emissions, returns the fee to households as a monthly dividend, and assures a level playing field throughout the world economy with a border adjustment.

As the price of gasoline and other fossil fuel-based products becomes more expensive, each of us can decide when an electric vehicle makes more economic sense than one powered by an internal combustion engine.

I think everyone realizes that climate change is real, it’s happening now, and we’re causing it. So doing something about fossil fuel emissions in the transportation sector of the economy is essential.

I urge everyone to vote in November for candidates who want to take action on combatting climate change. Then urge them to “put a price on carbon” with Carbon Fee and Dividend legislation.

Learn more about Carbon Fee & Dividend at www.citizensclimaetlobby.org