‘Burn, Baby, Burn’ is not good for the planet

Bruce Cooper

Cranberry Township


The world is ablaze, from the Amazon basin to the Arctic. And as each fire burns, it releases into the atmosphere carbon that may have been sequestered for thousands of years.

The particulates sent up in the smoke may wind up on ice, making the surface darker, thus absorbing more heat from the sun and speeding the ice melt. 

Burning vegetation, be it trees, peat, or grassland, is the exact opposite of what we humans should be doing to combat the climate crisis. Managing and strengthening the flora of the world is essential. Planting trees rather than burning them; modifying what we eat so demand for grassland is reduced; applying no-till agriculture in the production of our food – these are all tools that we must use to slow the warming of the planet.

While fires are getting the headlines now, the biggest threat to the planet continues to be fossil fuel emissions from burning coal, petroleum, and natural gas.

We must quickly reduce those emissions by putting ‘a price on carbon’.

The members of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, all 155,000 of us, believe the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act is the best way to speed that reduction. Passing this legislation will lower emissions by 40% within 10 years, create millions of jobs, save thousands of lives, and put money in the pockets of most Americans.

I urge you to learn more about the bill at www.energyinnovationact.org and tell your member of Congress to get behind the bill for its quick passage.

COOPER IS group leader of the Citizens Climate Lobby Slippery Rock chapter.

Hermitage road work is a job well done

Eric Schweiss


Recently, the City of Hermitage completed a project that replaced storm drains, installed curbing and rebuilt Carroll Lane and a portion of Michael Lane (Part 2 in 2020). I would very much like to credit the city for a fine job. Beginning with Gary Hinkson (city manager), Don Kizak (city engineering manager) and the crews of Lindy Paving.

All performed their jobs with great professionalism and the end result is a brand new neighborhood road.

Once again, thank you to all for a job well done.

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