Americans should follow McCain’s example

Jane McKnight

Grove City

I share the regard and respect for Sen. John McCain expressed by so many at his passing.

I watched the ceremony today from Phoenix and was incredibly moved by it.

I watch and listen to the current president, and I am ashamed and seriously distressed by the disgrace and ignorance and corruption that epitomize the current administration.

The nasty attitude and the disgraceful behavior of many Republicans and their obvious contempt for the Constitution, the rule of law and the United States of America are truly impossible to comprehend.

I see those people in Congress who proudly and arrogantly display unethical and immoral behavior, disgracing and diminishing everything that is America.

My parents’ families sent five young men to World War II, three to the Army in Europe and two to the Pacific, Navy and Marines. One in Italy was injured, and the Marine in the Pacific was a prisoner of war with the Japanese after his plane went down on Bougainville. They all fought against fascism.

Now, we see the Republicans giving open support to a fascist attempt to take over the United States and create a dictatorship where only certain people have power.

Sen. McCain was willing to stand for what he believed. Now is the time for all Americans to follow his example and speak loudly for all that the United States is in this world. If not now, when; if not us, who? Where is our courage? Our love of country? Will we wait until it is too late and the United States of America is lost? I pray not.

God bless John McCain and God bless the United States of America.

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