Thanks for helping Slippery Rock bloom

Regina Greenwald

Slippery Rock

Slippery Rock Rotary is pleased to announce that Slippery Rock in Bloom won the national America in Bloom competition as Best Community in our population category, 3,000-5,000.

Congratulations to the team of volunteers who have worked in the past eight years to help us achieve this feat.

Many hundreds of SRU students and community members have provided the labor to plant, maintain and keep tidy our borough.

America in Bloom is a national environmental competition involving seven categories for judging.

This began as a Rotary project and has expanded to become the Slippery Rock community’s program.

Issues such as urban forestry, landscaped areas, healthy lifestyle and water conservation are only four areas that are evaluated. The “eye candy,” floral displays, is what attracts visitors to our community

We are pleased with the comments the thousands of visitors to our community have made about the improved appearance and feel that Slippery Rock presents.

Thank you to all of you who understand the value of attitude and appearance to make a better community.

REGINA Greenwald is chairwoman of Slippery Rock in Bloom.