Legion auxiliary thankful for generous community donations

Etta Miller

Secretary, Harrisville American Legion Auxiliary 852

The Harrisville American Legion Auxiliary 852 would like to thank all the individual donors and The Hampton Inn & Suites, Holiday Inn Express and the Comfort Inn for all the donations of toiletry items for the Veterans In Need Program.

Without your help we would not be able to do the work the auxiliary sets out to do for our veterans.

 The members of American Legion Auxiliary 852 look at this project as one more way to make the 100th Aanniversary of the American Legion Auxiliary a successful year.

Dirty politics arises when a candidate has no record to run on

Sandra Laurie


Never in all the years I’ve been receiving candidate political literature from either party have I gotten such a vile and untruthful mailing as I did the other day from Mike Kelly.

The glossy 8-by-11 states Ron DiNicola was caught lying to voters about Mike Kelly and lists reasons why, with sources one has to use a magnifying glass to discern. All are downright lies on Kelly’s part and can be easily disputed.

When an incumbent fears his opponent and has no record to run on, smear tactics take the place of honest campaigning. Members of all parties should be disgusted by this type of electioneering.