Resident unhappy with school schedule changes

Douglas Gerwick

Grove City

A recent newspaper article on the proposed changes to the schedule at Grove City High School made it appear that my displeasure was over the 90-minute lunch periods. The article failed to mention that the 90-minute lunches were part of a wider change to the school day.

The new school day would consist of four 80-minute class periods plus the 90-minute lunches. Classes would meet on an A/B schedule. Teachers would not double up on lectures and we were told would only skim the surface of subjects in order to ensure there was time for the students to collaborate on projects in class.

Currently, students average 7,654 minutes per yearlong course; under the revised schedule, they would only average 7,120 minutes per yearlong course. This amounts to 12 1/2 classes less instruction time when compared to now. Our students will not only be losing instruction time, but will also be receiving less information during the school year. How will our students be able to compete against students from other school districts? How is working on group projects to be fairly graded? How many of our students will choose to attend cyber schools or charter schools that Grove City School District will have to pay the tuition for?

My displeasure was with the entirety of the proposed changes. Our students will suffer under the proposal. The district also poorly advertised the first meeting in an effort to keep the public in the dark.