Community’s futurelies in the hands of school directors

Susan Herman

Grove City


It’s time for the spring primary, and we all have an important responsibility to be community stewards of our greatest assets. The students in our schools need representation and a voice to ensure the needs of all students are being met. Voting for school board members that will advocate for quality education and exceptional leadership is a daunting task. Here are some suggestions to help you make an informed decision:

• Be familiar with the current school board members by visiting the school district’s website. You will find the information that you need to be an informed voter. Many school’s post biographies about each board member. In addition, many board members post their contact information if you wish to speak to them directly. Some districts have one email that is forwarded to all board members. You can also review the meeting minutes, check attendance and voting record on issues and the comments made by individual board members during the pubic meetings.

• Speaking of meetings, consider checking the school district website, local paper or the school district office to find out when and where school board meetings occur in your district. You can attend meetings and observe first hand the school board culture in your district.

• You can use technology to search potential school board candidates but check to make sure your sources are reputable. Many candidates use social media and blogs.

• You might consider attending events at your school to support the students and observe which board members/candidates are attending events to support the students.

• Finally, In Pennsylvania the school board is comprised of nine members who have been elected for a four-year term to create, evaluate and vote on policies that are needed to operate the school district. The elected school board members take an oath of office to discharge their duties with fidelity. They are held to the Standards of Effective Governance set forth by the Pennsylvania School Board Association and the Code of Conduct. (Check to see if your school has adopted these policies.)

It has been said children are our future. We have the opportunity to elect the best representatives to be the voice for our students and play a role in shaping their futures through a strong foundation in public education.

Be an informed voter in the primary on May 21, 2019.

Setting the facts straight on Democratic positions

 John Greenlee

Sandy Lake


A recent letter in this column reeked of misrepresentations of some of the positions of the Democratic Party and was full of baloney crediting Donald Trump with the state of our economy.

Democrats in no way minimize the crisis of the influx of illegal drugs. What the Democrats realize is that the DEA affirms that most of this contraband arrives through established check points and that no wall, but rather better checks and surveillance, will prevent that.

The letter also railed against immigrants being murderers. It is a widely documented fact that American citizens are responsible for a much higher percentage rate of violent murders than illegal immigrants, most of whom do their utmost to avoid criminal activity which could result in their deportation.

As for the economy, presidents do little to affect economic change. Obama deserves no more credit than Trump for that. The truth is being brought into the light regarding the fake claims made by Donald Trump and his either misinformed or misguided supporters. Hopefully the Democrats will continue on the course of bringing us out of the dark times the Republicans have rained upon us.


A new party emerges in Washington

Gary Gotshall

Grove City


There’s a new party in Washington. Along with the Democrats, Republicans and Independents, we now have the dingbats. An apology is owned to Archie for taking this endearing term for Edith and using it in such a derogatory manner. What should be more concerning to the citizenship is all the Fruitcakes who not only elected these dingbats but also listen to them.

This great country is home to the largest asylum in the world, popularly known as the Fruitcake State. This state hides its craziness under the term “Sanctuary” and is home of the Fruitcake Queen who roams the halls of D.C. followed by her yes-boy senator creating a mild form of havoc. Volumes could be written about the officials of California, its federal and state representatives, Hollywood, and many of their college professors who would never succeed in obtaining a position indoctrinating young minds in the area.

Historians of the future will have a lot of comedy to write into their books. A few of the contenders for the next presidency are Pocahontas, Spartacus, a lawyer-turned manager for the best known adult entertainer in the USA and last and certainly least the dysfunctional Hillary. Authors will have the choice of writing history books or comic books.

Enough said for now. Time for me to see if there is anything I can contribute toward the building of a wall.

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