A thought, prayer and request: Act to end gun violence

Judy Hines



A total of 230 school shootings have occurred since Columbine. This doesn’t include colleges or universities.

Crosses are erected in community churchyards for the unborn. When will crosses be erected for the children murdered by gun violence?

Will the people and legislators who fight to protect the unborn fight with as much passion and purpose to protect children who have become victims of gun violence?

Call your senators to support two bills that will aid in prevention of gun violence. Senate Bill S.42 will close federal loopholes allowing private sales of firearms without background checks. Senate Bill S.506 would allow family members to petition courts for temporary removal of firearms from at-risk individuals.

“Thoughts and prayers” have not stopped school, church, mall, concert, business, public buildings and other shootings. “Thoughts and prayers” haven’t stopped any mass shootings.

This is my thought, prayer, and request. Erect crosses with the names of children murdered by gun violence. Make this an annual ritual to insure the terror these slaughtered innocent children and other victims experienced are not forgotten. A frightening and sobering thought is a tragic mass shooting can happen here taking your child or a loved one. Please call your senators to pass bills to protect the born from mass shootings. 

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