Helping Hands is thankful for all the helping hands

Pegge DeAngelo


The Lakeview Area Helping Hands Center would like to extend our thankfulness and gratitude for all “the Helping Hands” that were so gracious and caring for those who needed a “Helping Hand.” “The Feed A Family Program,” which provides a complete Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, was supported by so many individuals, churches, businesses, community groups and schools. The Christmas for Children is always a grand event not only for those who receive but also for those who gave – so many children were blessed with all the wonderful gifts and caring.

This ministry is also a Service Unit for The Salvation Army. For each and everyone who rang a bell for the Red Kettle and each one who donated – a sincere “Thank You.” For all the participation, all the generous support – God Bless, keep and prosper all those who serve Him, however that may be.

PEGGE DeANGELO, is the administrator of Lakeview Area Helping Hands Center, 51 Lake St., Stoneboro.


Shutting down the government doesn’t make America great

Janet Schadt


Can someone please explain to me, or to anyone, how President Trump is Making America Great Again? He’s shutdown the government for how long? Making people work without paying them.

How is this helping our America? Albert Einstein said, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” It’s time to do something, America! This border wall is a farce! People are going to get in anyway, just as they always have been doing, forever. Some examples, under-ground tunnels, planes, cars, buses, etc.

If you think that 5.7 billion dollars is all it’s going to cost, think again. That’s just to start the wall. There’s more to come. Property right fights, more money and the reality is, it could cost us $40 billion or more, before it’s done.

God help us all, if I am the only one who feels this way.


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