Adopt a dog instead of buying one

Jason Reeher


While glancing through the Allied News classifieds recently, I noticed several ads for pure-bred puppies. These pricey pets can cost several hundred dollars.

I am not sure why anyone would buy a pure-bred dog instead of adopting one of the millions of dogs currently in shelters.

According to the ASPCA, 670,000 dogs are euthanized each year. Puppy mills produce dogs that can have genetic defects, and often don’t even get proper exercise and grooming. I find it heartless that folks would rather get their specific breed while paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Don’t these people know that a shelter pet – even if it is a “mutt” – has the same capacity for love and companionship as any pure-bred?

My mother has four wonderful dogs; all were rescues and they are sweet, wonderful creatures, just. happy to have a home.

I hope that people in this area will reconsider buying a pure-bred dog, and contact the Humane Society of Mercer County to adopt one instead.

Time to do something about gun deaths

Judy Hines


It was only two months ago I wrote a letter to the editor regarding the tragic murder of children due to gun violence.

Here we are two months later witnessing three violent mass shootings at public events within a week.

As the people of Dayton, Ohio, chanted: “DO SOMETHING!”

Contact Mitch McConnell ask him to cancel Senate recess for a gun control vote.

The House passed a background-check bill. McConnell must move the Senate to pass a background-check bill.

Do something.

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