Public invited to March For Our Lives at courthouse

Sheila Nowinski


Indivisible Mercer County, the Slippery Rock Huddle and the Democratic Women of Mercer County invite the public to a “March for Our Lives” sister rally at the Mercer County Courthouse, on Saturday, March 24, at noon, to demand that the lives and safety of our nation’s youth become a priority and that we end gun violence and school shootings. The Mercer County sister rally will be one of nearly 590 events worldwide on that date, to demonstrate solidarity with the victims of the Parkland, Florida, shooting and victims of gun violence across the country. One Parkland survivor, 17 year-old Cameron Kasky, has promised to hold elected officials responsible: “We can't ignore the issues of gun control that this tragedy raises. And so, I'm asking – no, demanding – we take action now.”

Indivisible Mercer County and supporting organizations are acting in solidarity with Cameron and his classmates and demanding that our elected officials represent the popular will of the American people and take action to stem gun violence by enacting effective gun safety measures. Speakers will include Lisa Boeving-Learned, a retired police sergeant and candidate for representative to the PA General Assembly, District 8, as well as Paige Smith, a young mother and representative of Moms Demand Action, from Sharon.

At the level of the federal government, we are demanding legislation to ban the sale of assault weapons, prohibit the sale of high-capacity magazines, close the loophole in background check laws that allow dangerous people to purchase firearms (“Fix NICs”), require background checks for all gun sales, and we reject the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, which would force Pennsylvania to abide by the weakest gun laws in the nation. At the state government level, we are calling for legislators to enact SB 501 “Disarm Domestic Abusers” and SB 209 “Universal Background Checks.” The children of this country can no longer go to school in fear that each day could be their last.

Indivisible Mercer County welcomes all people of goodwill who wish to work together to advance progressive policies and revitalize democracy at the local level. More information: @IndivisibleMercer on Facebook, indivisiblemercer@gmail.com or @MrCoIndivisible on twitter.

More information about the national March for Our Lives movement can be found at www.marchforourlives.com 

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