We’re all guilty of making immigration mess worse

Howard Glass

Grove City


Our immigration policy is a mess, and people suffer needlessly because of it.

We use illegal immigrants. We have been doing so for decades. Using people is wrong. We all benefit from their cheap labor, cheap because we keep them in the shadows, where fair labor standards and other institutional protections do not reach them.

These standards – something we take for granted – were created largely as a reaction to the abuse of legal immigrants in an earlier time. Those who tolerate illegal immigration are responsible for the current abuse.

The paper-thin justification for “sanctuary cities” is that without that policy, illegals will not report crime; effectively saying, “Come here, work cheaply for us. We will use you better than those other cities will.”  Doing the right thing, bringing these victims into the light, may drive up the cost of living, raise the price of food? But, prosperity gained on the backs of the less fortunate caused our bloody Civil War. A war the nation asked for because it so long denied and rationalized the use of people.

As we gorge ourselves on cheap food, do we deserve a helping of shame? We all say, “Not me.” The very definition of group evil is when we all point the finger at someone else, or at the other party. Every immigrant within our borders should be registered, scrutinized and accounted for (just as we citizens are), eligible for whatever opportunities and protections our country has, and free to become a part of our communities. 


‘Tear down this wall,’ they insisted, but then ‘build the wall’

Terry Reeher

Grove City


Is it not ironic that the party that extols the virtues, actions and legacy of a president who helped tear down a wall – which kept in those who sought liberty, democracy, freedom and opportunity – should embrace the values, philosophy and actions of a president who wishes to build a wall to keep out those who seek liberty, democracy, freedom and opportunity?

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