A downed tree brings a community together to help

Wendi Riddle



A huge thank you goes out to all who assisted with the tree-removal adventure on Scrubgrass Road in Findley Township.

The youth in my car who wished I had just backed up the hill and drove another way learned a valuable lesson Aug. 26. They just wanted the pie and ice cream after church.

They witnessed how a community of people helped when assistance was needed:

• The man who backed his fifth-wheel truck and camper up the hill had called for removal of the tree. He had been told help would be sent later on in the week.

• The man in his white truck helped direct traffic, since he left his chainsaw at home.

• The couple who answered the door and offered their door and water while we were flagging vehicles down.

• My early-shift husband, whom I woke to look up my cousin’s cell phone number.

• My cousin, who filled a pickup truck with relatives and one chainsaw from a family reunion on up the road.

• And, the township snowplow truck driver who drove by to remove the tree. That was amusing.

America is wonderful out here on the back roads. As long as we have pickup trucks, chainsaws, and women who motivate their men, much can be accomplished. Serve up some home-made pie and prayer, all can be blessed.

Thanks to all who helped wife of Terry Stevenson

Wendy Stevenson

Grove City


I want to reach out first to thank my family, those who shared my grief and loss, supported me, and were always there to give a hug when it was needed during the loss of my husband Terry Stevenson, which turns out is a lot of the time.

Thank you to the friends who have allowed me to pull them a little closer. You all played an important role in helping me to start to heal and shaping me into the person I am to become after my grief subsides.

I know that it would be close to impossible to get through everything without all of your support. Each and every person who went above and beyond to help bring a smile to my face and cheer me up, a thousand thank yous to all of you.

Thank you to all the family and individuals who donated their time and helped with monetary donations toward final expenses and doing benefits that included Terry in the beginning so we both could see your outpouring of affection and love.

And I want to give a special thank you to Terry’s workplace, Valvoline Express Care, for being so kind and there for support.


Grove City needs more capitalism, not less

Brian Hroncich

Grove City


“This is a capitalist event. I have a problem with that.” That was Grove City council president George Pokrant’s response to a new business (Gear Bicycle Sales) that requested to use the Keystone Shelter at Memorial Park. His comrades on the borough council agreed; a motion to approve the request wasn’t even seconded.

Taxpaying businesses comprise a vital component of a successful community and merit fair treatment. Subject to reasonable regulations guiding facility use, businesses should be afforded the opportunity to use the park. The borough could shield itself from potential liability with a simple release form. Furthermore, the borough could realize a new, recurring revenue stream. A forward-thinking local government entity should champion partnership with local businesses to create a favorable business climate for all, not just the politically favored.

GC is on a path of indisputable decline: major businesses (think USIS and, most recently, Instron among others) continue to flee, GE is disintegrating, degraded infrastructure attests to decades of poor planning, local government schools are underperforming at an alarming rate – failing both the students they purport to serve and the taxpayers fleeced to fund the failure via annual tax hikes and perpetual bond debt.

Median total household income in the GC area is $46,000 and nearly 900 families use the GC Community Food Pantry.

These metrics are not exactly hallmarks of a healthy, successful community.

Reversing the decline calls for a long overdue course correction. Mr. Pokrant, GC is in dire need of more capitalism, not less.

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