AT A TIME WHEN WE are surrounded by news of the disgusting lack of morals among so many government and NCAA figures, along comes Sister Jean.

She truly is a Godsend.

The 98-year-old nun and loyal fan of Loyola-Chicago breathed some fresh air into the stench that has surrounded too much of the news lately, regarding everyone from the POTUS to coaches and administrators that are involved in athletics.

One of the biggest crowds of news people ever battled to hear Sister Jean talk at the Final Four.

She didn’t disappoint, displaying a sense of humor as well as an appreciation for life and sports.

And she helps provide a vision of religious leaders that many may not have had – she’s cool. I have been blessed to know many priests, nuns and ministers of many religions and I can tell you: Most of them are cool as well.

Religion has always played a role for many in sports and we often hear athletes thanking God for their accomplishments.

But does God really care who wins a sporting event? Highly doubtful, although Notre Dame women’s basketball team did beat undefeated UConn on a last second shot in overtime last Friday night. Divine intervention or just great play?

Point being: For years the Cleveland Indians had a group of nuns who attended pretty much every home game. And they haven’t won a World Series since 1948.

And this former alter boy pitched softball for the Notre Dame Church team for many years and I didn’t win every game. Hard to believe, right? Then again, it was a Church League, so maybe it was hard to take sides.

We said a prayer before every game ... shortly before the fights and swearing broke out. That probably didn’t help.

Plus, my father-in-law was a Methodist minister and he came to every game to root us on, so there could have been some added confusion behind the Pearly Gates.

So no disrespect intended on this Easter Sunday, but here is some sage advice for the religious players in Monday’s NCAA final: “Pray to God, but drive for the hoop!”

• Even if you do believe in divine intervention, prayer probably can’t help the Cleveland Browns with the draft coming up. While most fans look forward to the draft, Browns fans always think:

“Man, how can they screw up this year?”

Every talking head on television predicts they will take a quarterback with the No. 1 pick.

However, this is the Cleveland Browns whose draft strategy in the past was similar to thinking that taking the Titanic on a northern ocean route was a good idea.

So I can’t help but worry that they will trade that No. 1 pick for a 3rd round pick and a CD of “Willie Nelson’s Greatest Hits.”

People often ask me what I think about the draft. How could I know anything?

I’m a Browns fan!

LYNN SATERNOW is sports editor of The Herald. He can be reached at