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WE don’t want to pull a Trebek here and take one side. But we agree with Wagner that the gubernatrorial debate was a debacle and that Pennsylvanians deserve a do-over.

WHILE visiting a breathtaking butterfly exhibit in the south, we saw two large rare butterflies, apparently mating. The interpreter, however, indicated that at this stage of their late adult lives, they were no longer fertile.

Predictably, the start of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing to the Supreme Court was an embarrassing fiasco for almost everyone involved. The Republican chair of the Judiciary Committee, Senator Chuck Grassley, had barely begun his opening remarks before Democratic Senator Kamala Harris…

THE Trump administration generally has ignored science while pandering to narrow interests in withdrawing from a global treaty to diminish global warming, bolstering the use of fossil fuels and eviscerating federal regulations to diminish carbon emissions.

LIKE many states, Pennsylvania has authorized the use of automated camera systems at intersections to record and fine drivers who don't stop for red lights.

All that’s been said about U.S. Sen. John McCain since his death last Saturday should cause Americans to reflect deeply and in an open-minded way on the great service to this country that was the hallmark of his life.

Full disclosure: I have never seen an episode of the long-running PBS children’s show called “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.” The only reason I went to see “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?,” the documentary about Mr. Rogers and his show, was because we were visiting friends who very much wanted to see …

They danced. They sang. They shouted and cried for joy. Had their team won the Super Bowl or the Stanley Cup? Had they won a giant Powerball lottery? No, but their lives had been transformed. A well had been dug in their village, and now they would have a clean, reliable source of water and …

The history of liberty in America features an endless battle over the rights of individuals versus the powers of police. The Constitution was written with the intent of protecting citizens and controlling cops. But that's not quite in keeping with the preferences of Brett Kavanaugh.

Two recent stories about heinous crimes allegedly committed by people living in the country illegally have again prompted immigration hard-liners to mischaracterize such migrants as a menace to public safety.

Last week, a Trump nominee to serve on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals was withdrawn from consideration. What's notable is not simply that someone with extreme legal and political views wasn't approved by the U.S. Senate or even that the administration had to withdraw a nominee (a rari…

Two recent stories about heinous crimes allegedly committed by people living in the country illegally have again prompted immigration hard-liners to mischaracterize such migrants as a menace to public safety. The crimes at issue here are indeed serious, but the suspects' immigration status h…

Are President Trump's threats and insults against our allies just an obnoxious negotiating tactic? It hardly matters, because they haven't worked. And it's worse than not working. Trump has turned "made in America" into consumer poison around the globe.

Donald Trump has been hacking away at the foundations of international order for months.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to replace retiring Justice Anthony M. Kennedy on the Supreme Court comes at a tense moment.

The U.S. created conditions in Central America that families are desperate to flee — even if they risk being separated.

Among states, Pennsylvania stands nearly alone in making an explicit promise to its citizens that the Commonwealth will protect their access to clean air and clean water, and guarantee “the preservation of natural, scenic, historic and aesthetic values of the environment.”

The level of national outrage that pressured President Trump to end his policy of separating children from their parents at the border would suggest a society that values children and puts a premium on preserving families at any cost.

The ceasefire in Afghanistan came to an unmistakable end Wednesday when 30 Afghan government soldiers were killed in a Taliban attack in a western province. You may not have noticed the end of the ceasefire because you may not have noticed the start of the ceasefire, just a few days earlier.

In our eagerness to find a solution — or lay blame — in the wake of another mass shooting, violent video games have once again become the easy target.

The president says he wants to lower drug prices, but Big Pharma isn’t fooled.