THE October 1967 issue of the Lakeviewer, Lakeview High School student newspaper, featured a large headline “Think About Vietnam,” with one article about the times being lived in then, the other a lengthy poem titled, “A Bell Tolls in Vietnam.”

Chesta Filer was editor-in-chief of the Lakeviewer with 15 student reporters working with her

One article in the multi-paged newspaper promoted the upcoming senior play, “I Remember Mama.” There was a cast of 22 individuals. A few local actors listed were: Phoebe Taylor who played Mama; Norm McCurdy was Nels; Jim Oakes portrayed the Undertaker; Mary Kay Winklevoss was Mama’s sister; Bill Brocklehurst was the soda clerk; Karen Minshull, a daughter; Jean McCurdy was a play promoter; and Howard Bindas, a student director.

Another local girl, Anne Montgomery, was editor of the Jr. Hi section of the newspaper. Anne was working with 16 student reporters. An item about a successful measles clinic reported 239 children between the ages of 1 and 12 received the measles vaccine on Oct. 1, 1967. Dr. File and Dr. Burke, as well as a state advisor, assisted in the clinic.

Chesta Hembrooke is MUF (Methodists United in Faith) secretary. Chesta replaces Emma Slawson who is furthering her education. Gail Beggs is assistant secretary.

When Anne Montgomery visits her family in our area, she joins the Jackson Center Presbyterian Church vocal choir on Sunday mornings. Anne accompanied a group of Christmas carolers from the Presbyterian Church last month. The group sang in Jackson Center, Greenville, Mercer, and Grove City.

The Sandy Lake Breeze was a newspaper that covered the area prior to the Allied News. Hazel Harrison was the Jackson Center news columnist. Now, the staff of the Mercer County Historical Society has begun a new microfilming project and the old Sandy Lake Breeze newspapers will play an important role.

The society had put a request out for Sandy Lake Breeze papers in good condition that finders may have discovered in the attic, basement, garage, bottom of various dressers, under carpeting. The deadline has passed to get the papers to the society, but call 724-662-2490 or email, stop in at the 119 S. Pitt St., Mercer, office and tell them the dates of the Breeze newspapers found.

The process for these papers is first to hydrate them to ensure their durability; staff has to make sure they do not have duplicate copies and choose the better copies, and papers must all be placed in chronological order.

Helping Hands pantry, Stoneboro, requests these donations for February: Mustard, ketchup, regular and light pancake syrup, pancake mix, barbecue sauce, cereal, salt and pepper, sugar-free items such as Jello, pudding, fruit, sugar substitute, bar soap, laundry soap.

A chef demonstrated making a variety of pizzas on TV, and talked of his wonderful pizza dough. That got me to thinking about a pizza dough recipe that always turns out nice.

PIZZA DOUGH, a recipe by Jackson Center resident Mary Jane Gatewood, in the 1981 “Five Points to G ood Cooking,” Order of Eastern Star, Stoneboro Chapter No. 110 cookbook.

The dough recipe: 1 cup warm water, 1 package dry yeast, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon sugar, 3 cups flour, 2 tablespoons oil. Mix all ingredients except flour. Add flour and knead for a few minutes. Allow to rise until doubled. Makes two pizza crusts. Place pizza sauce, then cheese and desired garnishes. Bake at 400 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes or until crust is browned.

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