PennDOT is seeking public input on highway topics such as traffic safety improvements and driving behaviors through its annual online highway safety survey accessible at

Expanding upon previous versions, this year’s survey aims to help identify why drivers engage in safe or unsafe driving behaviors. The department will review the results for potential additions or adjustments to the department’s safety efforts.

It is available until Aug. 17 and should take about five minutes to complete. All responses, including the “comments” fields, are completely anonymous.

Nearly 3,000 people responded to last year’s survey. Last year’s notable results included that, in the previous 60 days, 80 percent of respondents said they had not driven a motor vehicle within two hours after consuming alcoholic beverages. Also, 89 percent of drivers indicated they used a seat belt all or most of the time.

On survey questions related to motorcycles, nearly 63 percent of respondents reported that they themselves and their passengers always wear helmets or other protective gear, an increase from 53 percent in 2016. 

Last year’s survey also asked about texting or emailing while driving. Almost 91 percent of those surveyed indicated that they never or rarely text message or check email while driving, a decrease from 95 percent in 2016.

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