GROVE CITY — A Grove City man was charged Tuesday with impersonating a public servant after an incident at a local business.

Grove City Patrolman Patrick A. Krumpak said he saw a man, later identified as 48-year-old Juan A. Aguirre Silva, approach another man on May 10 inside the Marathon gas station at 201 W. Main St. and saw what the officer described as “some sort of commotion going on.”

Using his binoculars from his police cruiser parked across the street from the gas station, Krumpak said he saw Aguirre Silva talking and pointing at the man as if he was directing him to do something.

Aguirre Silva then left the store, got into a vehicle and drove off.

Moments later, 911 dispatched police to the convenience store for a report of a customer who was “flipping out saying he was FBI and telling people to get up against the wall.”

A store employee told Krumpak that Aguirre Silva came into the store to buy a few things, then left.

Aguirre Silva came back to the store and walked between the employee and the other male customer, who was accompanied by a woman.

The employee noted that he knew the man and woman, but not Aguirre Silva.

The employee and the man had been talking when Aguirre Silva started pointing, saying that he was with the FBI. He ordered the male customer up against the wall several times.

Aguirre Silva pulled a card out of his pocket and held it up like a plain-clothed police officer would do with a badge to identify himself, the employee said.

Aruirre Silva left the store moments later and drove away.

Police also confirmed the report with the male and female customers and viewed video surveillance footage from the store, which shows the man appearing offended and uncomfortable when he is confronted by the suspect.

Aguirre Silva was also charged with disorderly conduct in addition to the charge of impersonating a public servant.

He has a preliminary hearing set for 3:15 p.m. July 15 with District Judge D. Neil McEwen, according to court documents.

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