GROVE CITY – Grove City school board members and administrators are finishing end-of-the-year plans for the class of 2020.

The biggest thing on the to-do list: Graduation, which will become a virtual ceremony on May 29, high school Principal Dr. Rae Lin Howard said on April 30 during a remote meeting of the educational services committee.

A virtual baccalaureate service will be held on May 28 with the Grove City Ministerium taking the lead, and a virtual ceremony for senior awards might be held in mid-June.

The school wants to make these events as normal as possible for the students, Howard said.

As soon as they’re permitted, the school would like to host a traditional graduation ceremony, at a later date.

Seniors will be filling out a survey to give input, she said, adding that there are 127 in the graduating class.

The school created yard signs for each senior. One has been placed outside their homes, and another set up around the loop in Grove City Memorial Park along with a banner. Motorists can drive past the display.

Yearbook staffers and members of student council helped with that project, Howard said.

A slideshow featuring the seniors will be broadcast on Armstrong, and a virtual senior talent show is in the works.

Juniors and seniors have been asked what they’d like to do about prom. Most of them said if it’s possible, they’d attend a dance in the summer.

“We’re keeping that on our radar,” Howard said.

George Junior Republic is also trying to find a creative way to celebrate its seniors, though there aren’t many on campus right now, said Jim Anderson, principal of residential school for troubled youths, which is part of the Grove City Area School District.

They might videotape each student walking across a stage as part of a virtual ceremony.

Dr. Constance Nichols, chair of the educational services committee, said she hopes that the board can figure out a way to recognize the students and show support.

Committee member Doug Gerwick suggested a resolution that would allow 2020 graduates unable to attend a traditional ceremony to come back any other year to walk with the graduating class; that would include George Junior.

Nichols encouraged committee members to continue to find ways to bring warmth to the situation, adding that she chose to raise her kids in the district.

“The reason why is because of the people,” she said, thanking the educational team.

The committee also discussed flexible instruction days, which can be used for events like snow days and a pandemic.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Joshua Weaver is preparing to submit the district’s application to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Grove City school board held a virtual work session on May 4, when members of the educational services committee further discussed their projects.

Board members favored Gerwick’s idea for graduates, and they approved a resolution at the May 11 board meeting.

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