North Country Brewing Co. (yellow building) will soon expand to cover the lots occupied by two buildings to the north on South Main Street, Slippery Rock.

Slippery Rock businessman Bob McCafferty is brewing up plans for several buildings adjacent to his South Main Street brewery.

McCafferty, owner of North Country Brewery, presented his designs for the three lots adjacent to the brewery to Slippery Rock Borough Council at their Tuesday meeting. He hopes to construct a 60-foot by 60-foot building that will house a retail store, additional brewing facilities and an outside dining area for 35 guests.

The borough planning commission recommended to council approving McCafferty's request to change the lot lines to merge the three lots into one. The commission also recommended approval of McCafferty's plans with stipulations to add lighting on the southeast side of the new building, storm water management and bonding.

Council approved both requests.

Council also continues to monitor the progress on a hotel development located on Franklin Street. Jesse Hines, the borough's code enforcement officer, and borough solicitor, Neva Stanger, outlined the current situation on the project.

"We are working with a new developer and two land owners," Hines said. The parcel has been divided into two pieces owned by two different people.

The original approved plan was to have the entire project completed and approved together.

"The project was never approved to be done in phases," Stanger said.

To move the project forward, a third developer's agreement is being drafted to spell out the concerns and requirements that must be met before the developer will receive an occupancy permit for the hotel. The requirements deal with landscaping, roadways sized to accommodate fire trucks and motor coaches, and pedestrian walks and lighting.

The activation of a new traffic signal placed at the intersection of Normal Avenue and Grove City Road with Franklin Street is dependent on the occupancy of the hotel.

Slippery Rock Development and council are working together to address concerns about the waterfall structure at the corner of Elm and New Castle streets. Residents have expressed concern about the line of sight when pulling out of Elm Street and turning left onto New Castle Street.

In other business, in response to residents' interest in larger containers to collect recyclables, Hines inquired about getting larger recycling bins for the borough. Tri-County Industries, Pine Township, the borough refuse hauler, has available for  a $10 one-time fee, a 65-gallon tote. The tote has a blue lid to designate it for recycled materials. There is also an additional $3 per month collection fee, Hines said.

Also, Laura Bencic, organizer of the Ken and Celeste Abbott Memorial Bike and Car Cruise beginning at 3 p.m. today (Aug. 6), inquired about assistance with safety as the cruise moves from Slippery Rock Road to Main Street to Kiester Road. Councilman Itzi Metzli and Mayor Ken Harris will work with Bencic to get assistance during the event.

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