Residents seek help for problems with drainage

ContributedStacey Taylor of Nutt Road in Pine Township told supervisors on Monday that she continues to have problems with the ditch in front of her home, especially when it rains.

PINE TOWNSHIP – Several Pine Township residents are not happy with how their road’s ditches are being maintained.

Stacey Taylor of 8 Nutt Road, who was joined by several neighbors at Monday night’s Pine Township supervisors’ meeting, asked for help resolving the problem.

“My driveway is becoming washed away,” she said during public comment at the beginning of the meeting.

The township dug a ditch across the front of her property last year and installed a culvert under her driveway.

When it rains, the ditch fills up with water, which doesn’t drain away or keep flowing.

Taylor said she’s talked to township officials multiple times via phone and supervisors’ meetings.

“There’s gotta be a reasonable compromise,” she said.

Joe Holmes, vice chairman of the supervisors, wondered if the ditch needs to be deeper.

The township can’t add another culvert because it would empty onto private property, said Richard Stachel, chairman.

A neighbor is experiencing the same problem, Taylor said.

Pine Township water runs through adjacent Mercer Township in Butler County; Pine might have to talk to them if the flow is altered, Holmes said.

“I’ll give it a shot,” Stachel said of talking to Mercer Township.

The road acts as a dam, and the standing water is ruining the road, Taylor said.

Supervisor Jeanine Thompson noted that Nutt Road will be paved later this year, and she said that the township should also talk to its attorney, Tim McNickle.

“It doesn’t have to be this way,” Taylor said.

Resident Delbert McKinley said that another culvert can go on his property, and he will talk to the man who owns a neighboring vacant property.

Another culvert would resolve this issue, Stachel said.

Taylor said her health is at risk, especially since stagnant water can attract mosquitoes. Stachel agreed, adding that the township’s efforts with digging the ditch “backfired.”