These real estate transfers were recorded recently in in Mercer County:  

Daniel P. and Joy M. Irvine to Steven E. Myers. Property in Sandy Lake; $128,000.

Denise L. Frankenburg to Denise L. Frankenburg. Property in East Lackawannock Township; $0.

Leroy M. Wood to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC. Property at 748 Billy Boyd Road., Stoneboro; computed value: $59,107.50.


Kenneth R. Gregory to Dylan Taylor. Property in Perry Township; $0.

Dylan Taylor to Kenneth R. Gregory. Property in Perry Township; $0.

Robert B. Leali, and Daniel J. and Samantha Leali, Daniel J. Leali, executor and sole heir and beneficiary of the estate of Daniel Leali, to Edward A. Winslow and Patricia M. Kouch. Unit 60, Eagle Point Condominium, 2703 American Way, Hermitage; $169,000.

Cathy J. Smith to Eric J. Perry. Property in Hermitage; $95,000.

Travis J. and Amanda S. Montgomery to Jeremy W. Hollobaugh. Property at 229 S. Maysville Road, Pymatuning Township; $48,500.

Jay B. Campbell, executor of the estate of LaVerne C. Campbell Jr., to Tamera McLaughlin. Property at 830 Butler Pike, Findley Township; $0.

John Stoner, by his power of attorney Phyllis J. Stoner, and Phyllis J. Stoner, and John S. and Anna F. Stoner to John Scott Stoner and Anna Frances Stoner. Property in Delaware Township; $0.

Helen G. Petrie to Terrence R. and Jean F. Mills. Property in East Lackawannock Township; $150,000.

Mark H. and Deborah Feydo and Linda A. and Leonard C. Taylor to Matthew D. and Caroline M. Fischer. Property in Grove City; $62,500.

Richard N. Swisher and Joyce L. Swisher to Richard N. Swisher. Property in Lake Township; $0.

Susan J. Carfano to Susan J. Carfano. Property in Hermitage; $0.

David Mines, executor of the estate of Geneva B. Mines, to David Mines. Property at 171 Canal St., Wheatland; $0.

Michale H. and Cindy L. Cullen to Rodney A. and Rebecca L. Miller. Property in West Salem Township; $500.

Rodney A. and Rebecca A. Miller to Michael H. and Cindy L. Cullen. Property in West Salem Township; $500.

Josh Fitchwell to Daryl L. and Joy L. Hayden. Property in Hempfield Township; $33,500.

Joel S. and Dana L. McDowell to SCT Properties LLC. Property at 14-16 Clarksville St., Greenville; $3,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Manu Tillack. Property in Wheatland; $20,480.

Janice L. Greathouse, administratrix of the estate of Ruth Marilynn Hibshman, to Jessica A. Houston and Shawn P. Hanselman, Trumbull County, Ohio. Property in Sharpsville; $5,000.

Samuel E. Weyant to Trevor L. Ringer. Property in Farrell; $500.

Marc A. and Jean H. Rinella, trustees of The Marc and Jean Rinella Living Trust, to Marc A. Rinella and Jean H. Rinella. Property at 191 Main St., Greenville; $116,973.


Leah and James E. Shepherd to Natalie A. Alexander. Property in Sharpsville; $80,000.