LIBERTY TOWNSHIP – A Liberty Township man is facing open lewdness charges for exposing himself multiple times on the side of the road near his home.

Alan Leon Witherbee, 44, of Mercer Butler Pike, was charged July 18 by state police, and he remains in Mercer County Jail.

Police were dispatched at 12:51 a.m. July 18 to the 2800 block of Mercer Butler Pike for a report of a naked man masturbating at the corner of Mercer Butler Pike and Sunset Road.

Police found two men and one woman standing in a nearby driveway. One of the men identified himself as Witherbee; he had long hair that was balding in the front, and said he was a neighbor and helping to look for the naked man, police said in court documents.

He said he had been in bed when he heard a loud bang. He went downstairs and saw a naked man standing in his shed. The man then ran north through Witherbee’s front yard, then headed west between his home and a neighboring garage, Witherbee said.

Witherbee told police that he chased the man and “lost him in the backyard.” Witherbee then saw his neighbors and went to talk to them.

A neighbor woman told police that the naked man had long hair and was balding in the front. She saw that same man three different times in July standing at the corner.

She saw him again on July 18; he was naked and walking toward a parking lot. He came to a stop sign and started to masturbate, and moved around the parking lot while exposed, the woman told police.

The woman’s husband walked to the edge of the road and said “Yeah, I see you,” and the suspect ran off. The woman then called 911.

The husband confirmed that he had also seen the naked man outside several times. While his wife was talking to 911, the husband saw a man outside with a flashlight.

The husband spoke to the man, who “looked like the naked guy but he had clothing on.”

Witherbee was interviewed at the state police barracks. He said he had a problem – an urge to masturbate in public locations where he could get caught.

He confirmed the dates that the neighbors reported seeing a naked man, and he said he fabricated the story about chasing the suspect.

He indicated that he knew his actions were wrong and illegal, police said.

Witherbee was charged with indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, loitering and prowling at nighttime, open lewdness, and harassment.

All charges were held to the Mercer County Court of Common Pleas during a preliminary hearing held July 31 with District Judge D. Neil McEwen, Pine Township.

Witherbee was returned to jail after failing to post bond, and his Common Pleas arraignment is set for 9 a.m. Oct. 1 with Judge John C. Reed.

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