GROVE CITY — Residents will have an opportunity next week to provide input on a proposed ordinance regulating a zoning ordinance that would cover several issues, including pet ownership in the borough.

Grove City Council will hold the hearing at 6 p.m. Monday in the borough building, 123 W. Main St. Council has advertised plans to adopt ordinance 1462 – an amendment to the borough’s existing zoning ordinance that covers online rental accommodations, sexually-oriented businesses, and the number of cats and dogs that can be housed in a single borough residence.

Depending on how the hearing goes, council may vote Monday on the ordinance, said Taylor Pokrant, the borough’s zoning and code enforcement officer. The council meeting starts at 7 p.m.

The first public hearing was held in January, when some residents spoke out against the proposed changes to the rental and pet regulations, saying that the amendment was too restrictive.

Borough officials considered that feedback, and they have made a few adjustments to the amendment, which required a second hearing, Pokrant said.

The initial amendment mandated that properties rented through Airbnb and other online brokers could have a maximum two adult guests per household with an unlimited number of children under 18.

The updated version says that there can be two adult guests per available bedroom plus one additional adult guest; children do not count toward those numbers, he said.

The definition for what constitutes a kennel has been changed. The first version of the ordinance amendment said anything over three dogs, or six cats, or a combination of two or more dogs and four or more cats would be considered a kennel, and those property owners would have to follow kennel laws.

Council changed the pet regulations to allow a maximum of five dogs or 10 cats, or a combination of five dogs and five cats before residents would have to comply with kennel laws.

Also, pets younger than six months old do not count toward those limits, Pokrant said.

Local pet rescue volunteers had expressed concern over how the ordinance amendment could negatively impact the stray cat population and foster homes in Grove City.

Council has not changed the ordinance relating to sexually oriented businesses.

That section defines sexually oriented businesses as an enterprise that “provides massage services which do not meet the definition of ‘therapeutic massage’ as defined as a personal service.”

Those “personal services” include things like shoe repair, clothing alterations, barbershops, beauty parlors, exercise studios, pet grooming, and therapeutic massage.

If the ordinance is adopted Monday, it would take effect immediately.

Enforcement of the ordinance would be based on public complaints because Pokrant said the regulation is intended is to prevent problems and disturbances to neighbors 

If an investigation indicates that residents are in violation of the ordinance, borough officials will notify them and order them to comply before a deadline. Failure to remedy the situation could result to a complaint filed with the district judge, who could issue a fine.

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