GROVE CITY — Perkins Restaurant and Bakery’s location on West Main Street reopened Friday after being closed by order of state inspectors. 

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture on May 7 ordered the restaurant, at 915 W. Main in Grove City, to close temporarily after a routine inspection showed the restaurant out of compliance with sanitary issues, including items related to a building renovation project.

Other issues included reports that a person in charge failed to prove adequate knowledge of Pennsylvania’s Food Code, food preparation areas were exposed to construction debris and materials, the plumbing system hadn’t been maintained and restaurant management had failed to submit paperwork to the state about its remodeling plans.

The May 7 inspection report concluded that building conditions were “grossly unsanitary with a high risk of possible food adulteration during food preparation and storage.”

Shannon Powers, Department of Agriculture press secretary, said the restaurant was re-inspected Friday.

Powers said Perkins still needs to resolve renovation items, but the state gave the restaurant permission to reopen.

An employee who answered the restaurant’s telephone said Perkins reopened Friday after gaining approval from the state.

The latest inspection report, which was signed by food sanitarian Adam Keck, reported that floor tiles in the walk-in cooler are still damaged, cracked or missing. Keck had performed the May 7 inspection that resulted in the closure.

The re-inspection report indicates that all previously noted violations have been corrected except for the floor tile. According to the inspection report, Perkins management is planning to install new tile and grout, and use an alternate location for food storage in the meantime.

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