GROVE CITY – Highland Primary Center students are excited to celebrate Thanksgiving.

A group of first-graders came together Tuesday morning at the Grove City school, excitedly explaining what they’re thankful for and sharing their family’s holiday traditions.

“I’m thankful for my friends and family,” said Zeze Azaria, 6.

Many of Zeze’s classmates in William Ford’s room agreed, naming parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

Aaron Bable, 7, added that he likes his teacher, and “even the principal,” which got a laugh from Andrew Kemper, the assistant elementary school principal who stopped by Ford’s classroom.

Remington Jacoby, 7, said he was looking forward to the turkey and ham that his family will be cooking at his grandmother’s home. He said that he helps set the table for the big meal.

Willow Rider, Luke Baker, Jemma Rose and Lake Thompson, all 6, said that they’re giving thanks for their families.

The kids showed off their Thanksgiving crafts while giggling “gobble, gobble” – turkeys made out of paper bags and construction paper, and beaded bracelets.

Each colored bead represents a different part of the story of the first Thanksgiving, they said.

Students in Amy Csajka’s classroom enjoyed a Thanksgiving story and talked about the importance of the holiday.

Carly Schoenig, 6, said she’s thankful for food and water, and her favorite Thanksgiving food is turkey.

Hunter Laurenza, 6, is thankful for his life, and he plans to go hunting with his father over the holiday. He also has fun baking pumpkin pie.

Lucas Whitehead, 7, and Julia Erdley, 6, liked learning about pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving, and Zachary Riener, 6, said he’s grateful for having shelter, friends and family.

“And I like having people over,” Zachary said of his family hosting the holiday meal.

Zane Lynn, 6, likes playing with his cousins on Thanksgiving, and he loves his mother’s homemade macaroni and cheese.

“I get to be with my family,” he said.

Kalan Kolbe, 7, is thankful for family, friends, food and shelter, and he’s excited about visiting with family and eating good food.

Kenley Young and Olivia Petrich, both 6, are happy to spend time with their pets and families, and Kirstin Adams, 6, wishes good blessings on every family.

Kirstin likes helping make pies for the meal, especially mixing the dough.

“If I had to say one, it would probably be turkey,” she said of her favorite Thanksgiving food.

Karen Byler, 7, Nick Huynh, 6, Aurora Donaldson, 6, Harper Gault, 7, and Gabriela Zahuranec, 6, are glad they’ll be celebrating the holiday with their families.

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