SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP – Springfield Township supervisors are looking to touch base with other elected officials on whether Mercer County should be designated a "Second Amendment Sanctuary."

It's definitely an issue that needs to be taken up with the county commissioners, Tim Stiffy, chairman of the board of supervisors, said at last week's meeting.

Counties and towns across the country have been looking into the "Second Amendment Sanctuary," a designation they say would block enforcement of proposed gun laws that they believe would violate the U.S. Constitution, according to the Associated Press.

Dozens of municipalities in Virginia have passed second amendment sanctuary resolutions.

The resolutions are promoted heavily by the gun rights group Virginia Citizens Defense League, and most of them declare the intention of local officials to oppose any "unconstitutional restrictions" on the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, the AP has reported.

Supervisors need to engage in dialogue with the county commissioners, said Ray Bogaty, the township's solicitor.

And considering the fact that the township doesn't have its own police department – they rely on state police, he added.

Supervisors plan to meet with the county commissioners to discuss the issue, and they're also interested to find out what other municipalities in the county think, Stiffy said.

If a gun owner is doing nothing wrong, then there is no need to take away their Second Amendment rights, he said.

Before the meeting, Stiffy said that if you're legally not allowed to have a gun because of certain charges, like domestic violence, it would stay that way with the "Second Amendment Sanctuary" designation.

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