Earth Day turns 50

MARY JANE EGGER | Allied NewsThe 2020 Earth Day T-shirt shows this year marks 50 years since the first Earth Day observance.

Earth Day 2020 is today, April 22, and the observance is 50 years old this year! At the first Earth Day observance, its reported that 20 million individuals participated to raise awareness of the natural world.

The theme of Earth Day this year is “Climate Action.”

The outdoor wind seems almost a constant anymore. The Sierra Club March/April magazine had an item I found interesting. Reportedly, global wind speeds are increasing and may increase output of the world’s wind turbines by as much as a third.

The United States Postal Service issued an Earth Day forever stamp on April 18 in Denver, Colo. Its a pretty stamp, by art director Antonio Alcala’. The design of our planet was done in gouache on watercolor paper. The USPS also has Earth Day Coasters. The coasters are textured limestone with the Earth Day theme.

The doll in the photo was made by the late Elvenia Wharton. Elvenia, a Franklin native, came to Jackson Center when she married “Red” Wharton in 1932.

Elvenia had an abundance of local stories about our community. At one time, the couple had a maple sugar camp and peddled maple syrup as far as Butler and New Castle in an old Chevrolet that started by cranking.

It was Elvenia who suggested the possibility of buying land next to the Jackson Center Cemetery along Route 62, when the volunteer fire company members wanted to build a new fire station in 1951. Her husband was president of the J.C.V.F.C., and Elvenia was president of the ladies fire auxiliary. The fire station is at that location today.

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