MERCER — To prepare for the Christmas concert series at the Mercer County Courthouse, participating schools had to get into the holiday spirit a bit earlier than most this year.

“It’s been all Christmas all the time,” Commodore Perry choir director Jen Peet said after her students’ performance in the courthouse rotunda Wednesday.

Commodore Perry was the first of 12 schools to perform at this year’s concert series, and the first-year choir teacher said she was pleased with the outcome.

“I thought it went pretty well,” she said. “The Christmas season in general is infectious, and it was nice to perform in a brand new space.”

The choir of more than 30 students had been practicing for the show since October, and the singers were glad to finally get out of the music room and showcase their hard work in a new venue.

“There is a great echo in here,” Commodore Perry senior Caleb Christner said. “It’s really cool to hear how the sound fills the courthouse.”

The choir’s set list included some traditional Christmas favorites, as well as songs in German and Spanish.

The German songbooks did not provide a phonetic spelling key, Peet said, so the choir had to listen — and re-listen — to original song recordings if they wanted to nail the lyrics.

“Learning the songs in German was a challenge, but we are used to singing songs in different languages,” senior Emma Byler said. “The hardest part was figuring out how different words are pronounced.”

More Christmas tunes will resonate through the courthouse rotunda today through Dec. 20. The roughly 30 minute shows are free and open to all.

“It’s a good sign when people are coming out of their offices to listen,” Christner said. “That’s how we know we are doing our jobs right.”


The free concerts begin at noon. The remaining schedule:

• Dec. 10 — West Middlesex Elementary

• Dec. 11 — Sharpsville High School

• Dec. 12 — West Middlesex High School

• Dec. 13 — Sharon High School

• Dec. 14 — Farrell High School

• Dec. 17 — Lakeview High School

• Dec. 19 — Mercer High School

• Dec. 20 — Greenville High School

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