GROVE CITY – Grove City Borough Council’s regular monthly meeting set for Monday, April 20, will be held via teleconference.

The setup is designed to help minimize the exposure to COVID-19 and to maintain social distancing practices, Borough Manager Vance Oakes said in a news release.

Six council members will be in attendance at the borough building in order to establish a quorum. The four other members will participate through a conference call.

The meeting starts at 7 p.m.

No one from the public will be permitted to enter the municipal building, Oakes said.

Residents who wish to listen to the meeting or speak during public comment should call 678-496-7600 shortly before the meeting starts.

Callers will be prompted to enter a “conference ID number,” which is 3834813, followed by the pound symbol.

Participants will be put in a queue when they join the call and will be able to listen to council members speak.

When it’s time for public comment, council President George Pokrant will let callers know when it’s their turn by reciting the last two digits of their phone number as it’s displayed in the teleconference system.

The caller will then hear “line unmuted,” and they’ll be able offer public comment.

The meeting agenda is expected to be available on the borough’s website by 4:30 p.m. Friday, April 17, at

Council meetings will be conducted via teleconference until further notice, Oakes said.

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