GROVE CITY – The fountain at Grove City Memorial Park is flowing once again after many years of inactivity.

“It was a lot of satisfaction to see it run,” said Zane “Pete” Grimm.

Grimm, 18, of Volant, refurbished the fountain for his Eagle Scout project. He is a member of Boy Scout Troop 83 of Mercer.

He learned that the fountain, which is located at the front of the park near the war memorials, hadn’t been in operation for several decades.

Multiple layers of paint were chipping, parts of it were clogged with leaves and other debris, and some of the concrete was crumbling.

“It looked like a lot of work,” said Grimm, who graduated this year from Grove City High School.

He got permission from Grove City borough to take on the project, organized his fellow troop members, gathered materials, secured help from his family and other folks familiar with concrete and plumbing, and set to work.

The group worked nearly every day for a month last summer, using 46 buckets of hydraulic cement, 10 gallons of paint, and a lot of wire mesh to reinforce the structure. Mulch and flowers surround the fountain.

Some of the materials were donated, and the borough reimbursed Grimm for other expenses and has taken over maintenance of the fountain, he said.

When park visitors and area residents learned that the fountain was being brought back to life, they were excited, said Grimm and his mother Sue Grimm.

“That’s when we figured out how much it meant to people,” Mrs. Grimm said, noting that the feedback gave her son confidence.

Information about the project was shared on the Grove City Area Historical Society and Museum Facebook page, where dozens of followers expressed their gratitude and recalled playing in the fountain years ago.

The fountain itself was turned on earlier this summer, and Grimm thanked his parents, Troop 83, and other volunteers for their help.

That includes his father Jack Grimm, who owns Grimm Plumbing, his grandfather Jack Grimm Sr., Chuck Dininger, Rick Martin and Scoutmaster Jerod Hamilton.

This project has taught Grimm about taking pride in how you can help your community – a trait that the Grimms have instilled in all four of their sons, Mrs. Grimm said.

“Pete was born with a tool in his hand,” she laughed.

Grimm has learned some new skills and got experience overseeing a group. That comes in handy for his role as assistant leader of Troop 83.

Next for Grimm: Nursing school at Penn State Shenango in Sharon.

He added that among all of the debris and trash he found in the fountain was a small action figure – the Green Goblin character from Spider-Man. He kept it, and it’s on display in his car.

“It reminds me of what I did,” he said.

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