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Trevor Gardner plays disc golf at Grove City Memorial Park. He is a member of the Grove City Disc Golf Club.

Ace Race contest spots are filling up quickly at Grove City Memorial Park.

"I have a few openings left," said Trevor Gardner, a local high school teacher who's organizing the disc golf tournament from 1 to 4 p.m. Sunday Oct. 30.

The game is sponsored by Discraft, which is providing the grand prize for the first-place winner: a disc golf bag with eight of Discraft's newest discs to play the increasingly popular sport.

Disc golf does not rely on irons, clubs and white dimpled balls, but rather a flying disc -- similar to a Frisbee -- to propel by hand into a basket called a "hole." Players tee off at a designated location, then try to get the disc into the basket within a certain number of tries.

"You can play by yourself or with friends," Gardner said.

At the request of the Grove City Disc Golf Club, the borough approved a nine-hole disc golf course at the park that was completed this summer. Officials approved the course because it's always looking for new ways for people to make more use of the park.

The local disc golf club raised money for the nine holes, but the borough paid its workers to install them. The baskets are made of metal, and secured to a pole, which is anchored in the ground with concrete.

The borough will own the baskets, since they are being maintained by the borough on borough property.

"It's a low-cost investment for the borough, yet it's attracted quite a few people to play," Gardner said. "I've caught people from Pittsburgh playing."

The closest nine-hole disc course is at Slippery Rock University, near the old ski lodge, he added.

A professional, 18-hole disc golf course is at Moraine State Park, which has moveable baskets that can be placed in different spots to make the game more challenging, Gardner said.

The 3-par course in the borough park is more for amateurs and individuals wanting to go out with friends or family to have a little fun and exercise, he added.

Gardner became a local disc golf club member and avid player when the park's course was completed, and his wife found him a used disc golf set on eBay, he said.

"I really enjoy it," Gardner said. "It's a way to distract me from (jogging). I don't enjoy running. This makes me think, and I get exercise, too."

Daniel Culp, an association member, told Grove City Borough Council on Oct. 17 that he sees many people using the borough's disc golf course.

"Every time I drive by (the park), there's people there," he said. "Trevor Gardner is the most frequent player there," he added. 

Gardner tries to get a workout using the course at least three times a week, sometimes taking his older children with him, he said.

Since council was responsible for allowing the disc golf course at the park, Culp and Gardner invited members to join the Ace Race. 

As of Monday, Gardner had about 30 individuals signed up for the contest. He could accept six more, which will make nine groups of four people. The object for players will be getting as many holes-in-one as possible. Tee-offs will be much closer for the Ace Race than the usual disc golf starting points established in the park, Gardner added.

The $25 entry fee pays for a disc golf bag with two of Discraft's newest flying discs and a mini-marker disc. The company offers the new models at a loss for its Ace Races, to help introduce its newest creations to the public, Gardner said.

Playthings, Inc., the store on Route 8 in Center Township, Butler County, that resembles a spaceship, and Taco Bell in Pine Township have donated prize items for the contest. Gardner is seeking out additional donors, he noted.

He will donate proceeds from the Ace Race to the Grove City Disc Golf Association to buy more holes for the park, which cost roughly $350, he added.

"It's my dream to see at least another 18 holes in the wooded area of the park," Gardner said, which would attract more savvy disc golf players for the challenge.

"This park is huge."

To sign up for the Ace Race, contact Trevor Gardner at 724-992-3913. To learn more about Grove City Disc Golf Club, visit http://sites.google.com/site/gcdiscgolfclub/. Published Oct. 26, 2011 in Allied News. Pick up a copy at 201A Erie St., Grove City.

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