The weather has been interesting for the flower gardeners. Our purple magnolia tree bloomed beautifully in late April and in full blossoms again late July. Able to watch the tree’s beauty twice was special. The blossoms of the mock orange bush provided a wide area of the yard with it fragrance during its blooming. An orange azalea had a spicey fragrance in mid-spring.

The butterflies and Hummingbird Moths have become frequent visitors since the purple coneflowers and the multi-color phlox are blooming. A favorite, the oriental lilies blooming the past month, have an intensified fragrance when watered. I imagine the flowers are appreciative for the drink.

This year’s peonies didn’t stay in bloom long. The frequent rainfall was too harsh for the delicate petals. The white Autumn Clematis vine is yet to blossom, though other Clematis varieties in purple, red and blue have already bloomed..

The astilbes presented a beautiful show of colorful pastels. A few perennials did not do well this year, including the Bee Balm. My weedwhacker accidentally cut the French peonies,  as they are delicate when they begin to grow. I hope they come back as an elderly neighbor had given them to me decades ago. That lady also gave me Golden Glow, a very old flower, that is blooming now and very colorful.

A couple of friends have been talking about their veggie gardens. One friend who lives in southern Ohio has been canning green beans for several weeks. A friend who lives local is making relish with the abundance of cucumbers her garden has given her.

The Helping Hands Pantry, Stoneboro, is requesting the following August supplies: ketchup, mustard, pancake mix, regular and light pancake syrup, barbeque sauce, assorted soups, cereal, cinnamon, sugar

free items such as Jello, pudding, fruit, sugar substitute, and so on.

Also, bathroom tissue, bar soap, shampoo and conditioner.

Donations of local garden produce are also greatly appreciated.

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