Democrat Women of Mercer County

Vice President Kim Powell presided at the May meeting of the Democrat Women of Mercer County held at the Hermitage Municipal Building. 

State Rep. Mark Longietti D-7th District, spoke on retirement security, noting 45 percent of workers have zero in retirement savings, and 41 percent of those ages 55 to 64 have no savings, putting a huge strain on them as well as social safety networks, he said.

One of the big reasons people lack retirement savings is because they don’t have a retirement program at work. Longietti is co-sponsor of legislation which will create Clear Choice Pennsylvania. This is not a state-pension system, but similar to a Roth IRA for those not covered by their employer and enrollment would be automatic.

Diane Syphrit updated the group on service projects sponsored by the Mercer County Democrat Party and thanked DWMC volunteers. The party has adopted a two-mile stretch of Route 62 near Mercer, where they collected 42 bags of trash. Volunteers will be enlisted again in the fall.

DWMC members also helped at the Community Food Warehouse. Volunteers painted, did outside maintenance, and sorted, packed and donated food to be delivered to county agencies.

A number of Democrats participated in the Super Kids Derby, with Hermitage Commissioner Michael Muha taking on Longietti. Members will be marching in the Super Kids of Greater PA Soap Box Derby Parade June 29 in Sharpsville.

Cindy Glass was thanked for organizing the Veterans Care Bag project. Shampoo and deodorant (non-spray) are in short supply; donations most welcome.

A possible bus trip to Seneca Falls, N.Y., was discussed by Stephen Theiss. Seneca Falls is the 1848 birthplace of Women’s Rights and locale of “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

The remainder of the meeting focused on candidates and “Getting Out the Vote.” Hermitage Democratic chair Laurie Biblis welcomed candidates Thomas Johnston, Margaret Lucas, Michael Muha, Robert Multari and Deborah Roberson.

There is no regular June meeting. Members and friends are asked to attend Farrell’s Juneteenth celebration from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. June 15 at Veteran’s Square, Spearman Avenue. The DWMC will be distributing books to children and young adults, as well as conducting voter registration.

Mercer County Democratic Party

The Mercer County Democratic Party held its monthly meeting on May 9 at the Hermitage Municipal Building. After a welcome by President Andy Harkulich, the meeting was called to order, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited, and the Mercer County Democratic Committee mission statement was read.

Mark Amick gave the secretary’s report, which was reviewed and passed with minor revisions.

The treasurer’s report and audit was given by Kim Powell. A motion to file the report was made, approved and seconded. The full report can be reviewed on request and is kept on file.

The attendees then heard a brief introduction and discussion from the following candidates running in the primary election: Margaret Lucas, judge; Deborah Roberson, Sharon school board; Lucy NiCastro, Hermitage commissioner; Thomas Johnston, Mercer County sheriff; Michael Muha, Hermitage commissioner; and Dr. Robert Multari, Mercer County commissioner.

Committee reports were presented with information from Farrell, Sharon and SE/Grove City. There were no reports from Hermitage, NW/Greenville and NE/Stoneboro.

Judy Hines discussed the upcoming delegate training session. It was reported that there was a donation for a professional logo that could be used for brand identity items.

Muha made a motion to adjourn that was seconded by Lou Baldoff.

The next meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. June 13 at a location to be determined.