A sign of gratitude for Meals on Wheels

ContributedThe sign in the Layton yard in Jackson Township shows appreciation for the Lakeview Area Meals on Wheels program.

JACKSON CENTER – The Lakeview Area Meals on Wheels program began in 1974. Based in Stoneboro, meals have been delivered with no interruption because of snow, pandemics or even floods in the kitchen, according to Jane Buckley, MOW co-director.

Area residents Anna Mae Wharton Layton and Don Layton were receivers of the MOW, and after Ann’s passing, Don has continued as a client. Remembering how his wife, Ann, had loved the MOW program, along with his own deep appreciation for those involved with making a successful endeavor, he wondered if the Lakeview Area Meals on Wheels could be recognized for its services.

He had seen many thank yous go out to other volunteers through the pandemic, and the area meals have continued to be delivered through all of the Covid 19 shutdown.

Don, 85, asked his daughter Marcie Rougeux , if they could make a sign thanking MOW. Marcie agreed immediately, using the help of her husband, David, and others.

As she explained on her Facebook page, the sign has some unique characteristics of its own. MOW sometimes includes artwork by youngsters learning to print and spell. Don smiles at the mispelled words. Thus, the family purposely made two printing errors on the thank-you sign. And red and black paints were used, (Lakeview school colors.)

The thank you to the Lakeview Meals on Wheels can be seen in the family’s yard along Henderson Road in Jackson Township.

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