A Grove City man accused of killing his wife reportedly confessed to police that he attacked her with a dumbbell.

Randall Harland Leaf, 58, of 129 S. Broad St., was charged Friday by Grove City police with criminal homicide and aggravated assault for the death of his wife, Gretchen Pallack, 53.

Court proceedings with District Judge D. Neil McEwen, Pine Township, have yet to be scheduled, as Leaf is hospitalized.

Police were called to the property at 2:39 p.m. Wednesday by a man who said he was "bleeding and dying," according to court documents.

That building houses Superior Bedding and the couple's apartment.

The front and rear doors were locked, so police had to force one open with a pry bar.

Police noted that they had responded to that location in the past, when Leaf reportedly attempted to take his own life.

Police found Leaf in the living room, and he had severe lacerations on his wrists and neck.

They provided medical care, during which Leaf said several times "she's downstairs."

Leaf left in an ambulance for further treatment.

Police were aware that Pallack is Leaf's wife, so they searched the building to check on her welfare.

They found her in a downstairs basement bedroom, facedown with a visible wound on the back of her head.

A weight-lifting dumbbell with blood on it was found next to Pallack.

She had no pulse, and Mercer County Coroner John Libonati later determined she died by homicide. Dr. Eric Vey, a forensic pathologist with the Erie County Coroner's Office, reported that the cause of death was head and neck injuries.

Police obtained a search warrant and collected evidence including the dumbbell and cell phones belonging to Leaf and Pallack.

Police interviewed a 16-year-old boy who also lives at the apartment; he was joined by an adult representative.

The boy had spoken to Pallack and Leaf that morning and later heard them arguing in the basement, he told police.

He saw Leaf come from the basement with blood on his hands, and Leaf told him to not call the police. The boy left.

Police spoke to Leaf at a Pittsburgh hospital on Thursday, and he waived his rights to have an attorney present.

Leaf said "I did it, there's your confession...I think that's obvious."

He said he carried the dumbbell downstairs but "had no intention of doing that, until that happened," referring to the attack on Pallack.

Leaf also told police "she drove me to this."

EDITOR'S NOTE: Suspects are to be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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