GROVE CITY – High school students can get started with college now with Grove City College’s Dual Enrollment Program.

The college is offering high school juniors and seniors a pathway forward in higher education that can help them reach their destination faster and at a steep discount.

The dual enrollment program allows students to take college classes and earn college credits at less than half the regular cost, which can significantly reduce the price of a college education and the time it takes to earn a degree.

The tuition cost per credit for the 2019-20 academic year for dual enrollment program classes is $165 per credit hour, 70 percent less than the standard per credit hour rate.

Courses may count for high school credit, Grove City College credit and college credit at other higher education institutions.

Qualified students from public, private or home education settings can register for winter and spring online courses beginning Dec. 1.

Classes are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Winter and spring online classes include: principles of accounting; design software for beginners; pre-calculus; social psychology; science and religion; intro to management; general physics; and creative writing. For a complete listing of available courses, visit

For more information about Grove City College’s Dual Enrollment Program for high school or to register for courses, visit or contact with any course-related questions.

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