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By Andrew Carranza

Allied News Staff Writer

As the winter clouds finally part and summer approaches, chances are Grove City residents will once again head to Grove City Memorial Park in order to enjoy the sunny weather.

In response to the park’s tremendous popularity, two large pavilions, one brand new and another to replace an older model, will be constructed this summer, according to Barry Spiker, head of the Grove City Public Works department.

The new pavilion is tentatively set to be constructed somewhere between Grove City High School and the basketball courts, while the other pavilion will replace an older model at the Fellowship Shelter, Spiker said.

Construction on the Fellowship Shelter began May 2 and Spiker hopes to have it completed by Memorial Day. No timetable has been set so far on the construction of the new pavilion, he said.

According to Spiker, construction crews had been waiting on the weather to brighten up in order to start on the pavilion.

“Construction (began) as soon as we had three days of no rain,” Spiker laughed. “We are hoping at least to have the Fellowship Shelter done by Memorial Day, weather permitting.”

According to Spiker, the old Fellowship Shelter pavilion has already been torn down and the new replacement pavilion will be larger than the older model.

“The Fellowship Shelter pavilion will measure 20 x 36 feet, which is the same size as the Keystone Shelter,” he continued.

The new pavilion, which has yet to be named, will measure 30 X 60 feet and will bring the total number of shelters in the park to six.

According to Spiker, the decision was made to add another shelter due to the large number of residents who visit the park.

“The park is used quite a bit,” Spiker said. “Sometimes, it’s so full there is no more (pavilion space).”

The shelters are frequently used for reunions, picnics and other events Spiker said.

“Sometimes people make reservations two years in advance,” he added.

Spiker said residents would still be able to visit Grove City Memorial Park while construction efforts continued.

Later this summer, Grove City Public Works also plans to pave the parking lot by the Memorial Shelter, although no exact date has been set yet, Spiker said.

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