Eden Husband is feeding folks in more ways than one.

The nine-year-old Grove City girl recently baked and sold 23 pies and donated $185 in proceeds to the Grove City Community Food Pantry.

“She’s just always been a helper,” her mother Sara Husband said via video chat.

The fourth-grader loves to bake, and she had been trying to think of a way to help a local organization. She knows that more people are in need this year because of challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic. That led to her idea to bake pies to benefit the food pantry, which serves almost 500 families.

“And that’s our district,” Eden said, referring to the Grove City Area School District.

It’s good to share with others if you’re able, she added.

Donning an apron with her name that reads “Baker in Training,” Eden and her family made Dutch apple, pumpkin, vanilla pudding and chocolate pudding pies for friends and family just in time for Thanksgiving.

With assitance from her father Logan, mother, and two-year-old sister Violet, Eden made pie crust from scratch and followed recipes she found online and the pumpkin puree can.

“My sister helped a tiny bit,” Eden said of how Violet liked mixing the ingredients.

The Husbands had a hard time finding enough pumpkin puree and evaporated milk; most stores have limits on how many cans each person can buy.

“We had to go to two or three different stores,” Eden said.

She had a lot of fun making the pies over a two-day period, naming her father the official taste-tester.

She split the cost of the ingredients with her parents, and charged $8 for the fruit pies and $5 for the pudding pies. Those who bought the pies gave a little extra, helping her surpass her $100 goal for the food pantry.

Eden visited the food pantry to present her donation, and the executive director, Traci Gerard, gave her a tour and explained how the organization works.

Gerard was surprised and happy with the donation, telling Eden “that’s how you change the world.”

She would like to do a similar fundraiser for the food pantry next year.

The Husbands are very proud of Eden, who likes using her talents to bless others. Eden hopes that her project shows people that they shouldn’t underestimate what kids are capable of.

In addition to baking, Eden enjoys crafts, reading, soccer and dancing. Her family belongs to Grove City Alliance Church, and she’s looking forward to Christmas, hoping for a pogo stick and birthday cake-flavored Kit Kat.

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