Fourth graders at Oakview Elementary School, Stoneboro, learn about the U.S. Constitution through Web sites featuring activities relating to the document. Oakview faculty organized activities for each grade in recognition of Constitution Day, Sept. 17.

Sept. 17 marks the celebration of the “birthday” of our government, referred to as Constitution Day.

Constitution Day was founded in 2004 with the passage of an amendment to the Omnibus spending bill. The act mandates that all publicly funded educational institutions provide educational programming on the history of the American Constitution on that day.

To celebrate Constitution Day, teachers at Oakview Elementary, Lakeview area, decided to show their Sailor pride by designing appropriate lessons throughout the day to fill the request of this state mandate, and share their deep love of the country’s history with their students. Each grade level created special lessons and activities to share with their students about the American Constitution.

Some of the activities that the students were engaged in were:

* Kindergarten – Learned sign language so that they could “sign” the Preamble. They also sang songs and colored scrolls and gavels.

* First – Learned why rules are important, and how they relate to the Constitution. They also colored scrolls and gavels.

* Second – Gave a presentation using the overhead projector; read their Weekly Readers; and made a booklet.

* Third – Illustrated the Preamble; discussed citizenship and why rules and laws are necessary.

* Fourth – Viewed a documentary video made just for kids on the Constitution. They also took a virtual tour of the White House and Constitution using the school’s newly remodeled computer lab.

The hands-on approach allowed the students to show their patriotism and interest in the Constitution and the U.S. Government.

For more information and activities to do at home, visit and

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